Churches and Cathedrals

Studying Cultures of the World

Attending school is often considered drudgery by many young students, but they can generally find at least one subject that will capture their interest. For those who like the concrete structure of understanding something that will never change, mathematics is a subject they will learn to love. Communicating ideas through words will give free reign to the imagination of a student, and they will work hard to learn the rules of language. For those who adore stories, learning about history and different cultures is their way to enjoy academic exploration.

There are many major cultures throughout the modern world, and each of them has its own history. For those that have survived, the majority of them have a religious component. In good times, religion was often just a small part of life. Bad times such as invasions, earthquakes or floods were times when religion was a major part of holding the entire culture together. The historic records of these times can become a major point of interest to any student.

Studying cultures of the world often encompasses learning about local geography, climate and even religious institutions. For a young student, many foreign cultures are mysterious. They understand their own culture through immersion, but learning about the lifestyles of people far away has components they do not always understand. Traveling to the far reaches of the globe might not be possible, but they can learn more by doing their own research.

The pull of learning more about other cultures has been a way for students to connect history to the modern world, and some students feel a stronger pull than others. While their research and learning might not completely help them understand another culture, it will open a window of opportunity for them to compare their lives with that of others in different lands and times.