Churches and Cathedrals

Roman Catholic Churches

The Roman Empire adopted Christianity and spread it throughout much of Europe. While this is one of the more important historical religious facts in the...

Churches and Cathedrals

Churches in South America

Settled mostly by the Spanish and Portuguese, South America is a continent of Roman Catholics. Each community has a church, is part of a diocese...

Churches and Cathedrals

Russian Churches and Cathedrals

Christians in Russia are called Orthodox Christians rather than Catholics. Their faith is different from the Roman Catholics in that they do not believe religion...

Churches and Cathedrals

Studying Cultures of the World

Attending school is often considered drudgery by many young students, but they can generally find at least one subject that will capture their interest. For...

There are a great many architectural wonders around the world. The works of man, in buildings at least, have often been monuments to different Gods that were worshipped. Ancient Egypt has a large share of these buildings. In the far past, the Pharaohs that ruled Egypt were the local Gods to their people. In death, their journey back to the underworld was paved with riches stored in huge pyramids. Each pharaoh had their own pyramid, stocked with necessities for their next life.

While Egypt is not the only ancient culture that worshipped gods, the dry desert environment has been beneficial in preserving their ancient buildings. Southeast Asia is another place where ancient temples were built. Cambodia and Thailand are tropical jungles where many ancient ruins are found. Buddhism has long been part of the religious worship in these countries. Modern temples built there have withstood the weather, but ancient ruins are all that is left of many temples from the distant past.